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Teeth Whitening

Muskaan Dentals offers you a host of solutions to whiten your teeth. Read below to know more of our solutions.


The outer layer of a tooth is called the enamel. The color of natural teeth is created by the reflection and scattering of light off the tooth enamel, combined with the color of the dentin under it. Every day, a thin coating (pellicle) forms on the enamel and picks up stains. Tooth enamel also contains pores that can hold stains.
The most common reasons for stained teeth or yellow teeth are :
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Drinking coffee, cola, tea etc.
  • Not taking care of teeth.
  • Aging also makes teeth less bright as the tooth enamel gets thinner and the dentin becomes darker.


Other dental problems can affect the success of teeth whitening. For example, cavities need to be treated before teeth are whitened. That's because the teeth whitening solution can pass through decayed areas and reach the inner parts of the tooth. If your gums have receded, the exposed roots of your teeth may appear yellow or discolored.
If you have tooth decay or receding gums, teeth whitening may make your teeth sensitive. Teeth whitening also does not work on ceramic or porcelain crowns or veneers.
At Muskaan Dentals, we may photograph your teeth first. This step will help us to monitor the progress of the treatment. We will examine your teeth and ask you questions to find out what caused the staining.
Then the cleaning will be done to remove the film of bacteria, food and other substances that build up on your teeth and contribute to stained teeth. Once this is done, the teeth whitening procedure begins.


There are two main types of teeth whitening procedures.
  • Non-Vital Teeth Whitening : Non-vital teeth whitening is done on a tooth that has had root-canal treatment and no longer has a live nerve. In Non-Vital teeth Whitening, a teeth whitening agent is placed inside the teeth and put a temporary filling over it. The teeth will be left this way for several days. You may need this done only once, or it can be repeated until the teeth reach the desired shade.
  • Vital Teeth Whitening : First, the application of a substance is done which covers and protects the gums around the teeth. Then, the teeth whitening agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, will be placed on the teeth . Some teeth whitening agents are activated by a laser light, special lights or by the heat from these lights. After the teeth whitening agent is applied, the dentist will shine the light on your teeth


Teeth Whitening is not a permanent solution. The stains will come back. If you smoke or consume a lot of staining foods or drinks, you may see that the whiteness may start to fade within one month. If you avoid these sources that cause stained teeth, you may not need another teeth whitening treatment for 6 to 12 months.

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