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Dental Implants

Keeping in mind, the important features of function and aesthetic, dental implants are the most ideal replacement for natural teeth. It helps in regaining the chewing ability similar to the natural teeth. Also dental implants are a lifelong treatment, once done they last life long.


Keeping in mind, the three important featured: form, function and aesthetics, dental implants are the ideal replacement of natural missing tooth. They are a lifelong treatment and highly technique sensitive.
  • IMMEDIATE IMPLANTS-in this procedure, a tooth is removed and same day implant is placed in the socket. It’s a simple and fast procedure, but not always possible.


When multiple teeth are missing, implants are placed at regular distances to hold on to the permanently fixed bridges, which almost function as your own teeth. The implant specialists at muskaan dentals are highly efficient and experienced to carry out complex dental implant procedures, bone grafting etc.


The days are gone when patients were not comfortable with removable dentures. Now, implantologists at muskaan dentals will plan and implement a whole mouth dental implant treatment to make a complete fixed denture, which helps patient chew just like their natural teeth.

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