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Complete Cosmetic Oral Rehabilitation (CCOR) / Full Mouth Rehabilitation involves a complex number of restorative dentistry processes to restore, replace or rebuild all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. This procedure may consist of dental implants, crowns, bridges and tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) therapy. It may be undertaken for a number of reasons, but it is usually a necessary treatment rather than purely a cosmetic one. For example, patients who have lost teeth because of injury, decay or bone loss, or who have teeth that have become badly worn because of tooth-grinding or acid reflux, or those who have occlusion (bite) problems resulting in tooth pain and tooth removal are the most likely candidates for full mouth rehabilitation.


  • Restores confidence and self-esteem in patients whose teeth, or lack of, were a source of embarrassment.
  • Health benefits, such as tooth pain in patients with occlusion problems, and general overall improvement in oral health cannot be underestimated.
  • Improving the structure and health of teeth and gums through full mouth reconstructions alleviate problems such as plaque, gingivitis and tooth decay, which cause unhealthy bacteria in the mouth, and lead to further medical problems.


The extent of tooth loss or damage, along with a detailed assessment of the patient’s mouth and jaw, will dictate what full mouth rehabilitation procedures are adopted. If the patient still has their own teeth then full mouth rehabilitation can be performed with a series of crowns and bridges as these fit onto the existing teeth. Tooth removal gaps may also be fixed in this way, providing the teeth on either side of the gap are healthy enough to attach a crown to. If there are multiple missing teeth or no teeth at all, the best option would be dental implant surgery.

After Care

The patients should avoid strenuous activities for 14 days after the Full Mouth Rehabilitation surgery. Soft foods like gelatin and pudding should be consumed for 1 week .The patient is advised not to grind his / her teeth after the surgery.

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